Pink Champagne Wooden Top Diffuser

MOCKANA presents a uniquely designed Wooden Top Diffuser collection which celebrates the majestic beauty of nature whilst staying true to the brand's exotic flair.
Each fragrance is crafted from the highest quality ingredients specifically designed for the home. The unique wooden top design coupled with a high concentration of long-lasting fragrance comes together perfectly to form our luxurious diffuser. No more messy reed turning or spills.
Beautifully packaged in a white pearl finished box which makes it perfect for gifting. 
Available in 160ml.
Indulge in the effervescent charm of Pink Champagne, where the journey unfolds with a delightful top note fusion of apple and cassis, complemented by the richness of rum and the zest of orange. In the heart of this sparkling fragrance, lychee and grape intertwine, creating a symphony of sweetness. The finale is a subtle blend of musk and red berries at the base, gracefully bringing the fragrance to a close. Elevate your senses with the enchanting and bubbly allure of Pink Champagne.

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